Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Day to Day Life on the Frontier

I arrived in Frontierville about two months ago in my little covered wagon and set to clearing my little square of land that had been alloted to me.

It's a tough life here for a woman alone. Chopping down all those trees just to build a small cabin and plant a few crops that withered before I could stumble over the rocks and dodge the rattle snakes to water them. I don't know where the water comes from but I DO always seem to have it!

Some neighbors from back home in Farmville have moved into alloted squares around me and they help out a bit and I help them out a bit.

After awhile I had most of my trees down and fruit trees planted. I don't really know where these come from either. It seems like some outside person just drops them onto my land! But they are nice to have because now I can get more food that also just gets into my tummy so I have energy to do the work on the Frontier.

Soon my sweetheart, Wyatt..who I never knew existed.... arrived and after getting some wedding were wed and after making a crib in the barn..oh that just got dropped on my land too, we had a baby who is really like a half-grown little Wyatt, whom we named, Lil Wy. Lil Wy and Wyatt now do a lot of the work here on the Frontier.

Sadly I get a bit confused sometimes and forget all about Wyatt and he will stand for days by the unfinished chicken coop. He doesn't move at all! Now he is standing in the middle of the chickens and geese.

Being a married woman on the Frontier is a difficult and strange life.

To be continued......

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